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Astronomy Related Links

The links below will open a new browser window and take you to sites owned and maintained by people and vendors with whom I have no financial or personal affiliation (see the Legal Stuff page). I have provided links here for your information and convenience. 

Name Notes Type
Central Florida Astronomical Society Central Florida Astronomical Society Home page Associations
Astrodon High quality imaging filters and software for RGB weight calculations Hardware
Astro Pier Permanent Piers Hardware
Astro-Physics Telescopes, software, and accessories Hardware
Dan's Pier Top Plates Pier top plates for concrete pier Hardware
DewBuster Home Page Dew prevention system - I own one of these and in my personal opinion Ron Keating makes the best dew controller on the market Hardware
Dew-Not Dew Heater Strips Hardware
Dynapod-Pier Dyna pods can be used to make any stationary object (such as a fence post) into a pier Hardware
Mitty Observatory Machine Shop Frank Sperl made the legendary Mitty Evolution wedge. I am the proud owner of the 1st customer delivered 2005 version wedge. Unfortunately Frank Sperl has passed away. You may still be able to find some of his wedges for sale (Google it). They are the best wedges made imho Hardware
OPT Oceanside Photo & Telescope - Telescopes and accessories Hardware
Orion Telescopes and Binoculars Orion Telescopes Hardware
Peterson Engineering Pete Peterson makes some very nice upgrades and accesories for Meade LX200 scopes. One I can personally recommend is Pete's DEC lock Clutch Kit. Hardware
Photon Micro Light Red LED lights for protecting night vision Hardware
Pier Tech Pier Tech professional telescope mounting pier Hardware
SBIG Santa Barbara Instrument Group Sbig CCD imaging Hardware
ScopeTronix Telescopes and accessories Hardware
All Best Binoculars Binocular Reviews & Ratings Reference
An Atlas of The Universe This site gives you a great perspective on the size of the Universe Reference
An Introduction to the Maximum Entropy Method The Maximum Entropy method explained Reference
Arkansas Sky Observatory Award winning observatory site with lots of interesting information including a discussion forum Reference
Astrodude's Site Patrick Harold has produced and sells a DVD detailing the proper setup and use of a Meade LX200 series scope - Great guide for beginners (and intermediate users). Reference
Astronomy & Astro Imaging Very nice site with lots of information and images Reference
Astronomy Magazine Astronomy Magazine has many interesting articles Reference
AutoStarSuite.NET Information on Meade Autostar Suite LPI Lunar Planetary Imager) Reference
Binocular Reviews Independent reviews of the best binoculars brands available in the market Reference
CCD University Tutorials on every aspect of CCD imaging Reference
Chuck's Astro Photography Articles on focusing and collimating an RC scope Reference
Cloudy Nights Labs Reviews and information on a large variety of astronomy equipment Reference
Collimation Instructions Collimation instructions for SCT's (Meade) Reference
David E. Illig's Amateur Astronomical Observatory Very nice site with details on how their observatory was built Reference
Degree Resources: The Online Guide to Astronomy Looking for a degree in astronomy, try this siteā€¦ Reference
The Encyclopedia of Astrobiology, Astronomy, and Spaceflight Excellent source of definition of astronomy terms as well as general information on astronomy Reference
Hidden Loft Observatory Nice site with technical papers and info on their observatory Reference
How Stuff Works Not astronomy specific but this site has articles on how things work (computer) Reference
Image Processing Resources for Astronomy Teachers This page has numerous links to astronomy related information and software Reference
LX200 Polar Alignment Procedure - Drift Method Information on drift aligning a polar mounted LX200 telescope Reference
Phil Harrington's Web Site Phil Harrington is the author of several good books available on his site along with other information Reference
PMM Project - Star Catalogs US Naval Observatory The Precision Measuring Machine (has links to USNO Star catalogs) Reference
Pyros Home Nice sight with lots of images - Sells informational videos Reference
SaraWak Skies Tutorials on imaging and processing techniques Reference
Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope Web Site Lots of great information geared towards SCT's Reference
Spiral Galaxies This is a wonderful site with pictures of galaxies and informational tables sorted by RA and by constellation Reference
Telescope Reviews Reviews on a variety of telescopes and equipment including a purchasing guide for beginners Reference
The Binocular Site In-depth information on binoculars Reference
The Electronic Sky A very nicely laid out site covering a wide variety astronomic information including a list of "concepts" explaining astronomy terms. Reference
Thierry Legault's home page Images and information including an excellent paper on SCT collimation Reference
Thousand Oaks Optical Solar filters Reference
Three Buttes Tutorials on Registax, Photoshop and on creating MaxIM DL Plugin in Visual C++ and other information Reference
Tutorials to wavelet transformation I think you need an engineering degree to understand this information on wavelets Reference
Waid Observatory Nice web site with articles and images Reference
Weasner's Mighty ETX Site Everything you ever wanted to know about the Meade ETX series Reference
Welcome to LRGB Imaging tutorials Reference
Wiggins Fine Arts CCD Chip Comparisons Comparisons of several popular SBIG camera chips and a downloadable Excel spreadsheet Reference
ACP Observatory Control Software Observatory control software Software
ASCOM Initiative ASCOM telescope and observatory control drivers Software
Astra Image Imaging software Software
AstroStack AstroStack image processing software Software
Axiom Research - Mira Mira image processing software Software
Cartes du Ciel Free astronomical sky charts Software
Diffraction Limited Software including MaxIM DL and MaxPoint Software
FocusMax & PoleAlignMax Free software to align your polar mounted scope and focus you CCD camera Software
GuideDog Download Free software for standalone autoguiding using a Web cam Software
K3's Astronomy Home Page Nice site including K3CCD imaging software Software
RegiStar Registar is a very good image alignment program for stacking images that are rotated or of different sizes Software
Registax Registax Free Image Processing Software Software
Starry Night Starry Night planetarium software Software
The European Homepage For The NASA-ESA Hubble Space Telescope - Projects Fits liberator is a plug in to allow opening fits images in Photoshop… Software
Welcome to CCDWare Mount Automation and PEC Error mapping software Software
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